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LQHS Students Win Palm Springs Fine Arts Awards

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On April 15, two of LQHS’ students, Victoria Garcia ‘19 and Neeve Slee-Poulos ‘19, won awards for their art pieces that were entered into the Fine Arts Creativity Awards and Scholarship Program at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Garcia has been drawing since she was very young, as it is “the only thing she can do,” she claimed. Garcia entered a painting of her friend in their ROTC program uniform and won the Western Art Council Award. She said that a few of her inspirations are Banksy and Vincent Van Gogh.

She also mentions that her art teacher, Ms. Campbell, is a big inspiration to her as well, stating, “She always lets me know when art competitions are coming up.” The young artist described her art style as semi-realistic and is currently experimenting with oil painting.

Poulos began her venture in the art scene during freshman year, she entered a photograph for the competition and received the Peggy Vermeer Award. The photo displayed her fellow classmate and friend, Keyvonna Dahl ‘19, looking into a car’s rearview mirror. Poulos’ photo was unique in that she didn’t enter it in color, the photograph was black and white. “My grandpa always put me in charge of family photos,” Poulos recalled.

Poulos claims that family friend and artist, Michele Ohanesian, is the reason behind her inspiration as an artist. She also gives credit to the IB program. “IB Art has helped me because it focuses on all kinds of art. It doesn’t have a definite structure, it allows you to be creative,” she said. 

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