Blackhawks Go Big for the Big Top

After much deliberation, the junior class made a consensus on the theme for this year, deciding on “A Night Under the Big Top.” The decision was made after many other potential themes were presented.

ASB Junior Class President Laila Khan ‘19 commented, “We made a presentation and showed our ASB class. They actually picked a different theme that we went along with and then we realized it wasn’t the best for copyright reasons and pricing.”

Khan said the class was trying to brainstorm a topic that was new and “out-of-the-box.” She said, “We all agreed on and liked the idea of a vintage carnival.” ASB Junior Class Vice-President Emily Maize added, “Because we could have a lot of activities that aren’t normally at prom.”

Khan and Maize are encouraging all juniors and seniors to attend, even though they may not like the theme. “I think everyone should try to go. It’s an amazing experience. If you don’t, then you’re missing out,” Khan said.

“It’s all about the experience. If you go and want to have fun, you’re going to have fun. We’re trying to make it as [fun as possible]. We want our prom to be good, too. It may not be our senior prom, but we want a good prom,” Maize emphasized.

Make sure your dresses are pressed, your suits are tailored, your highlight is poppin’, and your shoes are shined for the prom on May 19 at the Esmeralda, which is one you will not want to miss. 

As of today, ticket prices will increase to $100 for all. 

Thea Spisz/ Hawkview