SuperDuperKyle or KYLE, is an American rapper from Ventura, Calif. He started singing at the age of six and was writing and performing his own songs by elementary school. SuperDuperKyle began rapping at the age of thirteen and began recording music after being inspired by Kid Cudi’s “Man on The Moon.” While in high school, he recorded music on his aunt’s computer and released mixtapes in 2010. In 2015, Rolling Stone named him as one of the ten artists you need to know. SuperDuperKyle became known for his breakout single, “iSpy,” featuring American rapper Lil Yachty. He is in the workgroup, “The SuperDuper Crew,” consisting of members Brick, Jesus, and Max. He’ll be performing at Coachella on Friday, April 13 and 20. 

  • Most Recent Album: “Smyle”
  • Listen to: “Doubt It”
  • Sounds LIke: Lil Yachty and Chance the Rapper

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