Pre-Show Look at “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet”


Drew Patterson/Hawkview

This year’s spring play will be “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet,” which was chosen by Kathy Karstens, the tech director, and Ms. Whelchell, the substitute drama director, in an effort to give the senior actors the opportunity to perform their last high school show. It will be a relatively short performance: a one-act play that will run for approximately 40-50 minutes, not including the intermission.

The play itself is a comedy and a version of “Romeo and Juliet” told in the style of Dr. Seuss with one or two major plot points being different. The play will make fun of the original “Romeo and Juliet” throughout the show.

This is Whelchell’s first time directing a high school play. She has completed research ahead of directing the play. Even still, she said, “I’m still figuring it out as I go; the cast is great, and every day is different.” She expects the performance to turn out well.

The sets and blocking part of rehearsal haven’t started yet, as of mid-March. At the moment, rehearsal is about line memorization and line editing primarily. Currently, the biggest obstacle is with the actors’ performances, as some of them talk too quickly.

So far, they have one costume in the works: a costume designed for each of the four narrators of the play. The costumes for the narrators are inspired by Thing One and Thing Two from Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat.”

“I would have to say that best part of the show so far is the costume designing. It’s so much fun finding out what works and what doesn’t and how everything fits into the big picture of the show,” said Christian Moreno ‘20, an actor in the play. “Also, it’s really fun trying on costumes in general!” The play is set to premiere on May 3.