LQDT Dances to Victory

Mikah Strong and Katie Arias

On Jan. 27, LQHS’ dance team competed at Glendale High and performed 10 dances in total. Their performances included large lyrical, small jazz, small lyrical, small hip-hop and a solo performed by Co-Captain Letzy Vargas ‘19. The team snagged sixth place in small hip-hop and fourth in large group jazz.

Vargas commented that even though they did not get first place in the competition, she still considered it a win due to her team’s hard work.

Captain Delaney Gonzalez ‘18 said, “We all sacrifice our weekends and spending time with our family in order to work hard for this team.” Vargas added that the team practices every single day and on weekends, sometimes dancing up to six or seven hours.

On Jan. 20, they performed at Rancho Bernardo High in San Diego. Despite many dancers being injured from the countless hours of practicing for this competition, the team pulled through. Thea Leydekkers ‘19 stated, “Performing with injuries is a part of the experience.” She noted that many of the dancers had bruises and sprained ankles, but still managed to put on a good performance.

The team performed five solos, one duet, two large group performances, and two small group performances. The dance team earned sixth place in small group hip-hop.