February’s What’s Up With?!?!

Tyler Ross

  • What’s up with Kylie Jenner having a baby and naming her Stormi?!?! How did she stay in hiding for nine months?!?! I do have to add that the video of her nine-month journey was too cute!!
  • What’s up with the lady in Missouri who found her neighbor’s Corgi sneaking into her yard at night to ride her pony?!? Not only is that the cutest thing ever, but it’s so funny!!
  • What’s up with the word “hangry” being added to the Oxford dictionary?! Whose idea was that and, more importantly, why….?
  • What’s up with Blake Griffin being traded to the Detroit Pistons?!?! I now have no reason to watch the Clippers or basketball at all…
  • What’s up with the tickets for the State of the Union reading “State of the Uniom”??? Who just lost their job?! Was Betsy DeVos the copy editor?
  • What’s up with the new Snapchat update?! We didn’t ask for this!!! We just want to see everyone’s best friends list again!!!
  • What’s up with the major snow storms currently going on in the Midwest?! I guess the groundhog was right this year…
  • What’s up with Omarosa Newman, former assistant to President Trump, saying that the U.S. should be worried and to never vote for Trump again?!! Girl, we been knew that!!!
  • What’s up with Kim Kardashian having her four-year-old daughter, North, taking a back topless picture of her?! With all that money, you really need her to do it instead of a professional??
  • What’s up with people in Philadelphia celebrating their Super Bowl by flipping cars in the streets and facing no consequences?? Thank goodness it’s just people celebrating their sports team and not people of color protesting police brutality or we’d have a real problem…