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Preparation for Semester 1 Finals

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Students of La Quinta High School, first semester final exams are around the corner and coming up faster than you realize. As you wake up on January 23, you don’t want to be brain dead from studying late the day before. Here are a few steps to make your studying habits more efficient:

  • A little goes a long way: Don’t cram everything in the night before. Study a little bit of each subject each day. Try not to overwhelm yourself with the material. Baby steps, folks!
  • Remember to breathe: Even if it’s just for five minutes, take time out of your day to take deep breaths. The stress of high school is monumental at some points, and you can’t let the stress win. Is math hurting your brain? Can’t find the words to construct an essay? Take your mind off of it for a bit, close your books, turn away, close your eyes and take deeps breaths. Forget about your homework for a short while, and focus on letting go of your stress.
  • Don’t give up: When things get hard, don’t put yourself down and come to the conclusion, “Well, it’s too late, whatever.” Don’t compromise! Try hard and you will succeed. La Quinta High School has the tools necessary for students to excel in tough subjects, such as after school tutoring. Remember rule #1: “A little goes a long way.” Don’t overwhelm yourself, but work hard every day.  
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