Girls’ Basketball: First Victory of the Season

On Nov. 28, the LQHS varsity girls’ basketball team started off their season with a win in their first game of the season against Desert Mirage High School, 59-18.

The starting five consisted of shooting guard Jessie Rios ‘18, center Jealah Butler ‘19, post Denise Moreno ‘19, point guard Francine Ansley ‘19, and center Emma Svoboda ‘21. The leading scorers were post players Svoboda and Butler, who both scored 18 points. With just nearly two minutes into the game, Svoboda scored the first two points.

Head coach Electra Viveros commented, “I would like to [give a] shout-out to Jealah Butler for working hard to get all those rebounds, Emma Svoboda for having a really good head on her shoulders as a freshman playing and starting on a varsity level, and the entire team for believing in the vision.”

Butler who had 18 points, 19 rebounds and three steals stated, “Today’s game really gave us an extra boost of confidence. We were prepared and ready and because we were [prepared and ready], we were able to come out with a win.”

“I think that if [the team] keeps on working hard then we will definitely go far this season,” said Svoboda, who had 18 points, 11 rebounds, and two steals.

By halftime, the score was 29-11, Blackhawks up. The locker room was filled with excitement and joy. As the head coach and assistant coach, Angie Viveros, drew out the rest of the game plan to the girls, it was observed that the girls were eager to get back onto the basketball court. With two minutes and ten seconds left on the clock, DMHS was able to make a three-pointer, but it was too late for the Rams. The girls’ next game is on Dec. 4 at Coachella Valley High School.