December’s What’s Up With?!?!?!


Mlen Azurin/Hawkview

  • What’s up with Black Friday?!? I feel like the “hype” of Black Friday died down, so really Black Friday is now Lame Friday.
  • What’s up with the Clippers literally doing terrible this season??! Yes, I write about this every year… but they suck every year.
  • What’s up with “Coco” literally being the cutest movie ever??! I watched it in Spanish and English and bawled my eyes out both times!
  • What’s up with it still being friggin’ hot outside, even though it’s the beginning of December???! Will it ever get cold? Stay tuned for the next edition of “WUW” to find out.
  • What’s up with almost every single senior, including myself, leaving college applications to the last moment??! At least this way, we can all suffer together…
  • What’s up with the F.C.C. trying to pass a bill to get rid of net neutrality?!? They really want us all to be bored because there is no way I’m paying for social media…
  • What’s up with Miguel’s most recent album “War & Leisure” literally being so good?! Why are everyone and their mothers not talking about this album?!