Date Ideas for a Romantic Holiday Season

Kristen Hernandez/Hawkview

Ahhh, the holiday season — a time when neighborhoods light up with brilliant colors and an aroma of pine trees and cinnamon fill the air. A time when family comes together and children’s minds fill with wonder and their eyes with hope. A time where the weather finally cools off and the atmosphere is magical and idyllic for dates.

Christmas season is the perfect time to muster up the courage to ask out that special person or to treat your significant other to a night they’ll never forget. Here are some date ideas that pretty much will all involve hot cocoa. The holiday season is possibly the most romantic time of year, I hope that these date ideas help you to take full advantage of the atmosphere.  

  1. Ice skating at the River: Considered a classic date, take your special someone out and do some skating. Grab a nice cup of hot chocolate when you’re done and enjoy the River’s chill environment while you walk around and chat.
  2. Christmas movie marathon: This date idea is perfect for a day in while giving your wallet a break. Gather up all your favorite holiday classics, whip up a cup of hot cocoa, grab your softest blankets, and enjoy the heartwarming tales of the holidays.
  3. Sweet treats: Another cheap staying-in idea is getting your favorite recipes, cranking up some holiday tunes and baking some delicious treats. This date gives great opportunities to dance around the kitchen and be goofy with that special someone — not to mention the tasty snack at the end of it all.
  4. Light drive: One of the best things about the holiday season is the beautiful, colored lights that brighten up the town. This date gives a wonderful opportunity for some light conversation. Enjoy a cup of cocoa and take in the beauty of the holiday lights.