Seniors Take an L Against Staff


Photo Credit: Melanie Hamner

Thea Spisz, Reporter

On Nov. 17, seniors competed against staff in the annual Turkey Bowl. Students of all grades gathered in the stands of the LQHS football stadium to see which team would come out victorious this year.

Even though the staff had won multiple times in the past, the seniors seemed confident that they would win this year. “[Seniors] are winning 100 percent, no doubt,” said Joseph Fisher ‘18 before the flag football game. 

After a long hour of playing on the field, the adults beat the students, with the score resulting in a 14-0 clean sweep.

During the game, Mr. Monroy, one of the P.E. coaches, fractured his ankle. He later sent an email to the staff notifying them that he is optimistic he will return to Turkey Bowl 2018.

“I’m confident I will roll the seniors this year, said Mr. Strambi, an English teacher. “Looking forward to a win against [them].”