October’s What’s Up With?!?!?!

  • What’s up with the Homecoming spirit days going from the ’50s to ‘80s to ‘60s to ‘90s?? Why couldn’t y’all have just gone in order and what happened to the ‘70s?!?!?
  • What’s up with the music at Homecoming?? Why was the DJ hyped up so much?? All he played was radio music!!
  • What’s up with the new season of “Stranger Things” being released on a Friday?? They really knew that everyone was going to binge watch it, so they gave us the weekend.
  • What’s up with it being the beginning of November and the weather still being in the 100s?!?! We want fall weather, not fall to the ground from heat stroke weather!!
  • What’s up with Obama getting assigned to his first citizen duty: jury duty?!? Can you imagine being mad because you have to go to jury duty only to find out you have it with Obama?!! I know I would surely pass out.
  • What’s up with states such as California, Arkansas and Pennsylvania beginning to test out robots to restock shelves in Wal-Mart??? Um, does anyone realize how scary that is!!!?
  • What’s up with Donald Trump’s Twitter account being deleted by an employee on their last day on the job?! It should have been kept like that for good…
  • What’s up with PD literally hanging the LQ/PD flag outside of their school?!?! Don’t they realize that it’ll be easier for us to steal it back like that! I mean, it could get damaged
    like that… 

Illustrations by Mlen Azurin/Hawkview