Hernandez Heightens the Hawkview

Thao Nguyen, Assistant Editor

During the month of October, the Hawkview held a logo redesign contest. The newspaper staff called out to LQHS’ creative student body, searching for a new and improved look for the school’s newspaper.

The student body was invited to vote on the final three designs, as selected by the Hawkview staff. Now, drum roll, please, and the winner is… sophomore Kristen Hernandez! Runner-ups are Angela Flores (12) and Victoria Garcia (11).

Hernandez felt that the Hawkview needed a “fierce look,” so that “their work [is taken] seriously.” She has always had a lot of respect for the newspaper and wanted to portray everyone’s hard work in a new light.

After Hernandez heard of the logo contest, she told her dad, who encouraged her to enter so she that could express herself more. “It’s all he talked about for more than a week,” Hernandez exclaimed.

She has always loved art and became serious about illustrating at the age of nine. When looking for inspiration, Hernandez likes to look at a drawing of Pegasus that her dad made for her when she was younger.

Now looking back upon her recent achievement, Hernandez is “so happy and proud” of herself and could not hold back tears when she found out she won the contest. This milestone is now moving her towards all kinds of art and she is thrilled to be continuing her work with the Hawkview as a contributing illustrator. She added, “I’m so excited to see where this path takes me.”