Environmental Club Recycling Reminders

The La Quinta High School environmental club recycles on campus every Tuesday and Thursday. On these days, they pick out food, chip bags, gum, and various other items from classroom recycling bins.

The only items that students should be recycling are glass and plastic bottles, as well as aluminum cans. No loose-leaf paper should be recycled because the environmental club isn’t recycling them at this time.

When club members go out to recycle, trash is usually found in the bins and they have to do the dirty work of picking it out. “We recycle because we care about the earth, but it’s gross that we have to dig through the trash,” said Madison Tiszai (12). “Some bins are too disgusting to a point where we can possibly miss bottles and cans because it’s buried underneath the trash.”

The environmental club would like to remind the student body to be considerate because club members who recycle for the school will eventually have to sift through it, as they are doing their best to make their school more environmentally conscious.

Illustration by Mlen Azurin/Hawkview