Academic Awards Luncheon Recognizes High-Achieving Students



Kevin Ayala, Reporter

The Academic Awards luncheon at La Quinta High School is a tradition that occurs every year to celebrate the high-achieving students of each class. This year, it was held on Monday, Nov. 13.

The event was hosted in the culinary room, where extra tables and chairs were placed in the courtyard outside in preparation for the high rate of attendance. The lines to get in were long, but those who had RSVP’d previously with the counseling department could expect to go in faster by skipping the check-in line, as long as they had their invitation with them.

Athletic Director Coach Ruiz, Assistant Principal Mr. Webb, and ASB Adviser Ms. Smith teamed up to make hot dogs outside on the grill for lunch. Chips and water were also offered. Students were able to sit with their friends and enjoy some time away from class.

There were also four lines where students could receive their awards based on their academic and athletic performances. A certificate was given to most attendees, and extra awards were given to those with 4.0 GPAs and above. “It was nice to feel appreciated for our effort,” said Kalea Garcia ‘18.