The Legend Is Here

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The Legend Is Here

At the head of the 2017-2018 school year, Mr. Ron Dohrman began his twentieth year of teaching at La Quinta High School. Throughout his tenure, Dohrman has taught PSA English for sophomores and juniors.

Prior to working at LQ, Dohrman spent three years teaching in Spain. After returning to the United States, Dohrman began teaching at Desert Sands Unified School District, moving to LQ several years later.

You learn most of what you need to know by teaching.”

— Ron Dohrman

Dohrman reminisced about one Halloween when he dressed up in matching white rapper outfits with history teachers, Mr. Ussery, Mr. Snell, and Mr. Gates. He also fondly remembered going on field trips with PSA students.

For any brand new teachers out there, Dohrman recommends getting to know the names of students early on.

Other than that, he said, “You learn most of what you need to know by teaching.”

After teaching for this long, Dohrman hopes he’s had a lasting positive impact on his students.