Hawkview Logo Design Contest


CONTEST CLOSED: Congratulations, Kristen Hernandez! Read about Hernandez in a story written by Thao Nguyen: “Hernandez Heightens the Hawkview.”

It’s true, the Hawkview is finally joining the 21st century and is now publishing news online, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

As our newspaper is published 6-8 times every school year, our website will include more news and feature stories, as well as photos, from our campus and student body on a daily basis.

Thanks to a grant from Desert Sands Educational Foundation, as well as our successful SnapRaise fundraiser in the spring, we will soon be producing documentaries as well.

With so many changes, we thought we would also include our student body in helping us redesign our new logo for the school newspaper.

Email your entry to Ms. Cortez or submit your entry in person to room 504 by Friday, Oct. 20.

The top three finalists will be determined by the Hawkview staff and the winning design will be voted on by the student body.

In addition to being featured in the school newspaper, the winner will be awarded the following from the Hawkview:

  • Underclassmen: ASB card, Homecoming ticket, and art supplies
  • Upperclassmen: Tickets for Homecoming and Prom