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    Future Teachers Club: The Future Teachers Club is for students interested in becoming a teacher one day. Advised by Ms. Ptak, the club meets on Tuesdays during lunch in room 411. “Future Teachers Club is an opportunity for kids who want to be teachers to get their feet wet,” said President Aly Alvidrez (11). The club sends volunteers monthly on Wednesdays and Thursdays to Amelia Earhart Elementary to work as teaching assistants. Students discuss teaching methods to make sure what is being taught matches the kids’ learning modalities. For updates, follow them on Twitter.

    Environmental Club: Environmentalists unite to help keep LQHS’ campus clean, as well as learn how to be more environmentally conscious. The environmental club is led by Madison Tiszai (12), club president, with Ms. Alcantar as the adviser, who hopes to guide students in becoming more aware of their environment and how to care for it. The club meets in room 611 every Thursday at lunch. For updates, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

    Leo Club: There are many diverse clubs here at LQHS, but one to watch is Leo Club. Leo Club specializes in a variety of “quick community service” opportunities. The club adviser is Mr. Valdovinos, while seniors Alberto Garcia and Alejandra Guerrero are the club presidents. According to Garcia, the community service is “very fast” and “doesn’t last more than an hour.” They have helped organize and have worked at festivals such as the Tamale Festival and Italian Festival. Leo Club meets three times a month on Wednesdays during lunch in room 202.

    Big Brothers & Big Sisters: Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Desert is an off-campus club that is specifically designed for high school students. Those who volunteer are matched with a child between the age of 6 to 12 who are members of the Boys and Girls Club. “High School Bigs” meet with their “Littles” for a minimum of one hour per week and four hours a month. The club offers activities such as games, arts and crafts, helping with school, sharing music, and more. To become a Big Brother or Big Sister, call 760-568-3977 or visit their Facebook page.

    Key Club: Key Club is a community service organization that meets on Mondays in room 205. It is student-run, led by President Thao Nguyen (12) and Vice President Sanny Lam (12), as well as Secretary Mlen Azurin (12), Treasurer Ryan Chu (12), News Editor Ashley Vega (12) and advised by Ms. Finch. Key Club focuses on community outreach and is the oldest and largest student-run community service organization. They are currently looking for new members and will be expecting a “major reboot,” Azurin stated. For updates, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

    Rotary Club: Rotary Club meets on Tuesdays with Mr. Klockenteger in room 502. It is led by President Matt Kaimer (12), Vice President Nicole Maler (12), Secretary Mlen Azurin (12), and Treasurer Hadar Gamliel (12). Rotary Club works together with the City of La Quinta Rotary Club to serve the community in a variety of roles, such as coordinating to support the LQHS Culinary program and promoting a leadership experience in the form of RYLA. They are eager for hard-working new members to join.

    Actors Anonymous: Actors Anonymous meets once a month on Wednesdays at lunch in the theatre room. Advised by Ms. Weiss and President Trinity Johnson (11), students practice improvisational acting and even participate in competitions such as CETA and the Fullerton Improv Competition. Actors Anonymous is also a way to earn points for kids trying to be inducted into Thespian Society.

    FCA: Fellowship of Christian Athletes is open to spreading the gospel around campus. The club adviser, Ms. Vandenburg, and club president, Hannah Durkee (12), along with returning and new members, meet on Fridays in the new gym during lunch time. They have food, games, and a new special guest speaker each week. For updates, follow them on Instagram or text the message “@lqhs.fca” to 81010 to receive reminders on your phone.

    Art Club: The Art Club promotes creativity and expanding the imagination within the student body. It’s a place where both the serious and appreciative young artists of La Quinta High School can gain visual art experiences with field trips to art museums to strengthen members’ art interests. It’s run by Mr. Kauffman, as well as President Valerie Cook (12). Meetings are held approximately two to three times throughout the school year in room 710, also the ceramics classroom.

    GSA: Gay Straight Alliance is a club that supports people of all sexualities and is a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. The adviser of GSA is English teacher Mr. Collins and the club president is Zoe Hammons (12), who has held that position for two years. GSA meets once a week on Tuesdays at lunch in room 510. For updates, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

    Dreams Come True: Dreams Come True is similar to Make-A-Wish Foundation in that members help students deal with rough patches in their lives in any way they can. The club adviser is P.E. teacher Ms. Gordon. This club does not have a designated club president as all members are seen as equals. DCT meets in the girls’ locker room on Thursdays at lunch. Dreams Come True is similar to Make-A-Wish Foundation in that members help students deal with rough patches in their lives in any way they can. The club adviser is P.E. teacher Ms. Gordon. This club does not have a designated club president as all members are seen as equals. DCT meets in the girls’ locker room on Thursdays at lunch. For updates, follow them on Twitter.

    Fitness Club: The Fitness Club is one man’s answer for improving the diminishing health of LQ’s students. It is headed by adviser Coach Ansley, who oversees the training of student-athletes and non-athletes at school. This club doesn’t have conventional school meetups like other clubs as the hours and places are scheduled by Ansley. Expect to run quite a bit in the mountains and being subject to grueling and intense workouts. For more information, see Ansley in the locker room or follow him on Edmodo for the dates and times.

    Choir: Ms. Scharf is the new choir teacher who has yet to officially kick-start the choir club. The club would meet at least once a week in room 302. Ideally, the club president would have to be a senior who has been in choir throughout their high school career. For updates, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

    Thespian Society: Thespian Society is for students who are dedicated to theatre. It is run by Ms. Weiss, who serves as the adviser, and President Julia Castro (12). In order to be inducted to the Thespian Society, students need to earn points for helping out with shows. Students do not need to be actors in order to join the club. Thespian Society meets on Fridays twice a month during lunch in the theatre room.

    Truth Be Told: Truth Be Told is an organization in which students have the opportunity to comfortably express their opinions about their faith. The club is advised by Ms. Moore, with all club members equally voicing their opinions and tackling the duties of a club president. The club gathers every week during lunch in room 356 to discuss how being faithful is important to success and ways to convey the message of their club.

    French Club: One of the many clubs on campus is the French club, led by Renaissance Alexandre (11) with Ms. Finch as the adviser. The club focuses on French culture, not on the language alone, meaning students don’t need to speak French to be able to join. Meetings are held during lunch in room 205 every Friday.

    Counseling: While not a club, LQHS’ head counselor, Ms. Ramirez, wanted to give students information about colleges and information about the SAT. There will be a college fair on Oct. 12 in Agua Caliente’s ballroom and will begin at 5 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. “Come into the office anytime,” advised Ramirez. “We don’t bite!”

    MEChA: Adviser by Mr. Valdovinos, MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán or Chicanx Student Movement of Aztlán. They talk about the Chicano community and encourage all students to join them in pursuing a higher education, as they plan on visiting several colleges over the year. They meet on Tuesdays at lunch in room 207.