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Christopher’s Clubhouse Speaks to Freshmen About Safety Awareness

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On Sept. 26, Christopher’s Clubhouse, an organization that provides lessons on self-defense, visited LQHS’ theatre to inform all freshman on how to defend themselves in a dangerous situation.

“It’s a focus of Christopher’s Clubhouse, they want to speak to the youngest students of the school to affect them for the next couple of years,” said assistant principal Mr. Webb.

Founded by Mika Moulton, Christopher Meyer’s mother, the nonprofit began as the result of 10-year-old Meyer’s  abduction and murder in 1995. Not only is the organization providing guidance for when or if someone approaches or grabs them, but also for fire safety, dog safety, water safety, and gun safety.

“I learned that you shouldn’t talk to other people you don’t know and you should always ask for permission,” said Humberto Maldonado Jr (9).

They have trained thousands of seniors, women, men, teens, and children. They provide free fingerprinting and IDs for kids. “I would recommend Christopher’s Clubhouse to always keep someone safe,” said freshman Joel Figueroa.

To become a volunteer or to enroll in classes at Christopher’s Clubhouse, visit christophersclubhouse.org to learn more.

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