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Blackhawks Welcome Dr. Wilson

Photo by Mariana Escatell

Photo by Mariana Escatell

Photo by Mariana Escatell

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On Sept. 12, La Quinta High School welcomed Dr. Wilson as the new Blackhawk principal. Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, Wilson graduated as an Indio High Rajah.

He attended USC and majored in architecture, working as an architect for about seven years. Even while he was pursuing architecture, he worked as a teacher and an administrator. Wilson has been in the education field for 28 years now.

When it comes to being an administrator and principal, Wilson views his work style as a trickle effect. He said that he knows that if he takes great care of his assistant principals, they will take good care of the staff; if the staff is well cared for, then they will take excellent care of all the students at LQHS.

Wilson hopes that students are prepared for whatever path they choose at the end of their high school career.

“My ultimate goal is that every student who starts as a freshman and comes out as a senior is prepared for whatever they choose – whether they choose [to enter] the workforce or to attend college, I want them to have many opportunities to be successful academically and socially,” he explained.

Wilson revealed that he didn’t think he would fall in love with LQHS so quickly; but he has, as he truly loves how kind all the students and staff have been in welcoming him into the family.

“I’d love to hear from as many students as possible, about things that they’d like to see happen here. […] I really want to know what all my stakeholders want to see happen,” he said.

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